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Did you know that a lack of access to clean water is the leading cause of death and disease in the world? We believe that God is calling us to change that! Help us provide a fresh water well for the people of the Babakon Village in Cote d’ivoire!

Pick up a water bottle for your family, fill it with change, and bring it to the sanctuary on Easter Sunday! You can also make a contribution by check (marking “wellspring” in the description), or you can give by clicking the button below

Wellspring Prayer Calendar

Join us in praying for these special needs during the Lenten season!

3/10-14 | Open hearts to receive the gift of Living Water

3/15-19 | Success in raising the needed funds for the well

3/20-24 | Physical healing for those with waterborne illness

3/25-28 | For the children of Babokon who are in need

3/29-4/2 | Help me to become a wellspring of life to others

4/3-4/6 | Partnership to form between our churches

4/7-4/10 | Prepare the villagers to receive the gift of Living Water

4/11-4/14 | Support for Missionaries Jean Claude and Francine

4/15-4/20 | Thanksgiving for the opportunity to serve in Your name